Importers of cleaning products and equipment.

Onsite installation and maintenance

Our company also imports, sells and leases cleaning products and equipment. One such product is our famous Floor Mat. These are locally known as Dust Control Mats/Soil Mats or Walk-Off Mats and are specially designed to the clients' requested size and preferences. They can be purchased with or without your company logo and if you choose the latter we ensure that your logo is literally incorporated in the mat and not printed thus eliminating the disadvantage of logo fading.

These are mats which trap approximately 80% of the soil and dirt brought into the building. Whether they are removable or in-hole placed they are designed to remove soil and absorb large amounts of dirt from shoes.

Besides offering all types of cleaning materials and providing free delivery services, we also lease out hand dryers, soap dispensers, sanitary bins door mats and trailer mounted hydraulic platform 12meters high altitude.

Free product delivery and installation.
Complete product maintenance.
Flexible service arrangements to suit your needs.

Soap Dispensers
A choice of stainless steel or ABS plastic soap dispensers which are both vandal resistant and rust proof. A push-button or sensor mechanism with a variety of anti-bacterial soap is also provided.

Warm Air Dryers provide a powerful, hygienic and cost effective means of drying with a push-button or sensor mechanism.

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Sanitary Bins
A hygiene container exchange service complete removal and replacement of containers on your premises. Units include a safe, effective germicide incorporating a natural enzyme which combats harmful bacteria. Scuff resistant, textured finish for durability. Wide disposal aperture and hygienic masking tray accomodate all types of sanitary dressing. Available in two sizes.