We offer a broad portfolio of services that enables our clients to select a cleaning solution that perfectly suits their requirements.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment our operatives provide a professional level of deep carpet cleaning that flushes away dirt caused by shoe-marks, stains, pollen and dust mites. All the chemicals we use are self-neutralising, non-toxic and bio-degradable. We can also offer safe carpet storage facilities for those warmer months when carpets are stowed away.

Escalator Cleaning

Escalator cleaner features powerful rotating brushes which loosen any dirt, stains or grime and twin vacuum motors which instantly suck up the dirt leaving clean escalator. An innovative and reliable service.

Vinyl Floor Refinishing - Cleaning, Stripping & Polishing

Vinyl deep cleaning and wet look shine or semi shine floor coating and polishing. We provide full floor refinishing services including deep cleaning, stripping, waxing, and sealing. Charge is per square meter. A sample is done prior to job.

Vinyl strip and sealing is a great way to give your vinyl or lyno floors an intense deep clean and a great shine. The process involves stripping the old seal or factory seal, which comes with new vinyl, and replacing it with a new, long lasting seal, giving the vinyl or lyno a glassy finish. The finish can also be toned down to a satin finish for greater non slip. Easy maintenance is another incentive for sealing your floors. Once the floor is sealed, mop/floor cloths glide with ease and soil will not be able to adhere to it as readily. This dramatically cuts down your cleaning time.

Factories, school, gyms, stores, hospitals, clinics, labs, clean rooms as well as garages.

General Cleaning

An on-site visit is conducted by an experienced member of staff member who will review your requirements and draw up an estimate based upon the specifics of your request. We pride ourselves on giving our clients with the individual attention that they deserve and tailor make solutions to their individual situation. We can also offer 'contract cleaning' arrangements for our clients that require a regular service.

Maid & Chambermaid Service

We have a dedicated complement of staff that are specifically trained for both domestic and chambermaid services. Our chambermaids are trained to function at both four and five star hotel standards. We can also organise the daily scheduling of works and employee rosters, and our skilled workforce are an excellent complement to any hotel housekeeper who requires trained chambermaids.

Emergency Cleaning

The consequences of suffering a fire or a flood can be catastrophic. Damage can be minimised by a quick response and we are available around the clock, any day of the year, to respond to just such an eventuality. Our team is experienced in the use of professional equipment and chemicals and their intervention can sometimes minimise the considerable losses experienced at such a time.

Window Cleaning

Our extensively trained cleaning crews have access to hydraulic platforms, cranes, cradles, scaffoldings and glass fibre safety ladders to make any job simple. As a result, our satisfied clients come from the retail, industrial, hotel, commercial and domestic sectors.

Concrete Floor & Floor Polishing

By using cutting edge technology we are able to grind and polish concrete surfaces without the use of wax, transforming bare concrete into a durable, hygienic, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing surface. The finished surface is far more resistant to wear than waxed floors and can even be coloured to provide limitless flooring possibilities.

This solution is environmentally friendly, uses no additional coatings or chemicals and allows the floor to 'breathe' moisture. We are more than happy to conduct an on-site visit to determine if your flooring is suitable for this type of treatment, and to provide you with an estimate of the costs involved. .
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Purchasing & Leasing

In addition to providing many services, Bad Boy Cleaning Services Limited also imports and retails a number of cleaning products and equipment. We can also lease out products such as hand dryers, soap dispensers, sanitary bins and door mats. All our leased products are installed and maintained by our technical staff and we offer flexible service arrangements to suit your needs.

Removal of dust mites from beds,
sofas, cushions or other
upholstered items.

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that primarily live on dead skin cells regularly shed from humans and their animal pets. Dust mites are generally harmless to most people. They don't carry diseases, but they can cause allergic reactions in asthmatics and others that suffer from allergies. Beds are a prime habitat (where 1/3 of life occurs). A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. Ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings. Mites prefer warm, moist surroundings such as the inside of a mattress when someone is on it. A favorite food is dander (both human and animal skin flakes). Humans shed about 1/5 ounce of dander (dead skin) each week. About 80 percent of the material seen floating in a sunbeam is actually skin flakes. Also, bedroom carpeting and household upholstery support high mite populations.

Using pure steam dissolves dirt and grime, while removing germs and bacteria from the surfaces that you're cleaning. Steam is also an economical and environmentally friendly thing to do. The usage of chemicals also helps a great way to kill dust mites and bed bugs. Our cleaning method is done by a dry vapor steamer that delivers less water than an ordinary wet steamer reducing the likelihood of mold or mildew developing in areas like a mattress or pillow. This system allows treated areas to dry much quicker than those treated with a wet steamer or with a wet system vacuum and scrubbing solution. Results are higher and longer lasting.